live bacteria and yeasts

I make homemade kombucha tea, water kefir and milk kefir.

I can send all the products via cargo to every place in Turkey.

Just make the payment and fill in the customer form

That is it... The next day the products will be sent (Only Mondays-Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be delivered to cargo company)



Milk Kefir

10 gr: 30TL
20 gr: 55TL
30 gr: 80TL


1 scoby: 40TL
2 scobies: 70TL
3 scobies: 90TL

Kombucha tea

5.0 lt: 55 TL
3.0 lt: 36 TL
1.0 lt: 14 TL
0.5 lt: 8 TL
0.20 lt: 4 TL

Kombucha Vinegar

0.5 lt: 12 TL
0.33 lt: 8 TL
0.25 lt: 6 TL

Water Kefir

50 gr : 60TL
100 gr : 100TL
150 gr : 140TL


Money transfer to this account

Account holder: Hakan KIRIK
Bank: Garanti Bankasi
IBAN: TR10 0006 2000 3570 0006 6886 52

IBAN (without TR): 100006200035700006688652

After payment please fill in the customer form click to open the form. Or mail your name, address and phone number ( ) or contact via Facebook
You pay the cargo bill.